Case Study

Richard Roth for State Senate

General Richard Roth for State Senate

He's on a Mission for Jobs.

In 2012, SCN served as general strategists and media consultants to Major General Richard Roth in California's top State Senate race. Roth's election in the 31st Senate District cemented the Democrats' historic two-thirds majority in the Legislature –breaking the "process paralysis" that has stymied Sacramento over the last decade.

Roth won by running on his public service record as a career Air Force officer, local businessman and community leader and offering a concrete plan with specific ideas for local jobs in one of the hardest-hit regions of the state. His bumper sticker message: "He's on a Mission for Jobs."

The General fought his way through a tough primary with an established and well-funded opponent and an early negative advertising onslaught from conservative independent expenditure groups. The general election was the state's most expensive, topping $7 million according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Roth countered the negative ad barrage with a direct appeal on jobs, schools and his support for homeowners. Meanwhile, his campaign effectively flipped his opponent's tagline – "Miller Time" – with a two-part series of beer commercials defining the real Sacramento politician the race.