In 2010, SCN was general consultant to California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Harris made it clear from the outset: Her campaign was going to be about a new dialogue on crime prevention. With California suffering a 70 percent recidivism rate, it was time to discard the old false choice that says you're either "tough on crime" or "soft on crime." Instead, Harris launched her campaign with the release of the critically acclaimed book, "Smart on Crime."

As San Francisco's District Attorney, Harris had established an electoral base in Northern California. The key to both her primary and general election victories was a relentless focus on Los Angeles, which she carried in the general election with 53.4 percent of the vote.

I'm proud that we can stand here today, recognizing that we don't have to and one does not have to run from their convictions when they choose to run for office.

Kamala Harris, declaring victory in Los Angeles, November 30, 2010

Smart on Crime by Kamala Harris