Case Study

Kamala D. Harris for Attorney General

Kamala Harris

A Prosecutor with Conviction

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris's 2014 reelection focused on "smart on crime" prevention strategies that have been her guiding theme as the state's top cop – from aggressively prosecuting transnational gangs engaged in human trafficking to taking on elementary school truancy, which dramatically increases a child's odds of dropping out and becoming a perpetrator or victim of crime. Harris' media campaign, produced by SCN Strategies, emphasized these themes under the unifying tagline "A Prosecutor with Conviction."

As San Francisco's District Attorney, Harris established an electoral base in Northern California. Four years after winning one of the closest statewide elections in history, Harris defeated her opponent by 14 points in her reelection race and showed new strength in Southern California, winning two thirds of the vote in LA County.

I'm proud that we can stand here today, recognizing that we don't have to and one does not have to run from their convictions when they choose to run for office.

Kamala Harris, declaring victory in Los Angeles, November 30, 2010