About SCN Strategies

SCN specializes in complex communications challenges, offering a broad array of strategic and media services with an integrated and creative approach to storytelling.

In 2012 SCN directed Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 to fund schools, as well as Prop 36, the historic reform to California’s three strikes law. Other important victories in 2012 include San Francisco’s Prop E (Mayor Lee’s top priority to fix the business tax), no on SF’s Prop F to save Hetch Hetchy, and the critical election of General Richard Roth to give Democrats a 2/3 majority in the State Senate.

SCN led the winning campaigns of the Mayors of both Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as California’s Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor.

In 2010 SCN was involved in the California campaigns for U.S. Senate, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner, Propositions 17, 19, 23, and 26, and Harry Reid's reelection in Nevada, as well as the UK campaign for Prime Minister. In recognition of its numerous victories during this tough year for Democrats, the San Francisco Chronicle named SCN the winner of its "Hot Political Shop Award".

SCN's engineering of Attorney General-elect Kamala Harris' come-from-behind win over Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley set conventional wisdom on its ear.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
in the San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2010